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Steven Wright


Story: As head of our team, I own the Ploi account, but that does not mean I am the sole user who should have access to certain core features such as back-ups, status pages, and scripts.

The Ploi dashboard is currently quite opinionated on what a team should/should not gain access to, resulting in fragmentation and blockers for team members if the account holder is unavailable.

Desire: To handle most Ploi features as part of a team, allowing the team to set its own rules on who should/should not be able to access features for the team.

Steven Wright

Steven Wright

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Update: Our workaround solution for now, as found in another submission, would be to turn the primary account into a 'SysOps' / 'SysAdmin' account that is shared with the team.

Whilst this does then grant users access, it is not granular and does not adopt a zero-trust mentality, leaving other projects vulnerable to access where that shouldn't be the case either due to client-specific NDAs or company user-level access policies.

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Teams: grant access to more features for a team

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