I would like to propose a new feature that allows users to create and manage global shared deploy script variables, including key-value pairs and optional secrets. This feature would enable users to maintain consistent variables across multiple sites and servers without having to update them manually.

Proposed features:

  • Implement a key-value store within the user's account for creating and managing globally available deploy script variables.
  • Allow users to set and update values for these global variables and use them across multiple sites and servers.
  • Provide an option to mark a variable as a "secret" for sensitive information, such as tokens, authentication URLs, strings, and passwords.
  • Automatically filter out secret variables from deployment logs to ensure the security of sensitive data.


  • Simplifies the management of common variables used across multiple sites and servers.
  • Reduces the need to manually update tokens and other sensitive information on each server.
  • Enhances security by keeping sensitive data out of deployment logs.

By implementing global shared deploy script variables and secrets management, users can streamline their deployment processes and better manage sensitive information across multiple sites and servers.

Sven Lückenbach

Sven Lückenbach


Like the idea. As a fresh ploi user I have no idea how working with secrets is currently intended.

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Global shared deploy script variables and secrets

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