My application uses a Wildcard SSL certificate. Since the challenge for this type of certificate is DNS-based, we need to link our Cloudflare account by providing an API key.

I created a key in Cloudflare by following these steps:

  1. Go to the API keys section
  2. Select the template "Edit zone DNS"
  3. Set "include specific zone" to the zone in question
  4. Optionally provide an IP address for "Client IP Address Filtering" (I didn't do this, but would be nice to do).

This provides you with a shiny new API key.

However, in Ploi, we get this error:

"We could not authenticate you with Cloudflare, are you sure this is the right API key? Also make sure your profile e-mail matches the one in Cloudflare."

I asked in the Discord channel (a few weeks ago) and it seems that scoped keys are not supported yet.




Yes, this please! Giving root access to my account which contains many sub-accounts feels a little wrong just in case something happens. Would be much happier to know a scoped token is used that I can control which sites and features Ploi can access on my behalf!

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Support for Cloudflare scoped API keys

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