When a certificate is issued for a tenant, the generated file /etc/nginx/ploi/ only contains a redirect for the tenant's domain from http to https, but not for all domains for which the certificate was issued. This leads to 404 errors if an attempt is made to access a domain via http that is not the name of the tenant.


  1. Create a tenant for
  2. Customize the tenant's server name so that it listens to and
  3. Issue a certificate for,
  4. Go to and you will get a 404 error.


Instead of using the tenant's domain for the redirect from http to https, all domains of the certificate should be used in server_name for the redirect config.



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@Dennis The wrong redirect.conf unfortunately also effects certifcate renewals. They fail, if the certificate was issued for more than one domain.

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Missing http redirect for tenants results in 404 error

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