Maybe show the most commonly used always, and have a folding section called "Advanced" that shows all available arguments with clear descriptions.

Could also just have a text field where the user can pass in the arguments directly, and that string get appended to the command?

--max-jobs and --max-time especially would be nice to have, since the worker would get automatically restarted by Supervisor (I guess?).

Missing arguments (that makes sense to include):

--name[=NAME]          The name of the worker [default: "default"]
--max-jobs[=MAX-JOBS]  The number of jobs to process before stopping [default: "0"]
--max-time[=MAX-TIME]  The maximum number of seconds the worker should run [default: "0"]
--force                Force the worker to run even in maintenance mode
--rest[=REST]          Number of seconds to rest between jobs [default: "0"]

Some arguments have differing default values from Laravel. I don't know if that's intentional.

--sleep - default is 3, ploi is 10
--timeout - default is 60, ploi is 30
--tries - default is 1, ploi is 3


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Would be a nice option... we are using a multi domain package ( and we need to add an extra parameter as well

for example:

php artisan queue:work 
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Add more arguments for configuring queue worker

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