There is a problem when using www subdomain via tenants.

E.g. I have as a tenant.

When I request a tenant certificate, ploi it will request it for, but configure an nginx redirect for

The certificate for www subdomain doesn't exist as it wasn't requested and there is no tenant with that name.

This would not be an issue if you don't need www subdomain for a tenant.

However if you need a www.example.comhe only way to do this now is to create a new tenant with and request a separate SSL certificate for it.

All works fine until this step. However, when creating any tenant, ploi sets up by default a www redirect in the

This prevents us from using the separate tenant certificate. You have to manually edit the and remove www from the server name.

I would suggest you allow the generation of both the www subdomain and the tenant domain in one go via a checkbox ("do you want to request the certificate for the www subdomain?") for these cases when you need a www subdomain for a tenant.

You may use @ to mention someone.

www subdomain with tenants (SSL)

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