I would like to propose a new feature that allows users to manage their Fail2Ban whitelist directly from the network page. This feature would provide a dedicated setting/tab for the Fail2Ban whitelist, making it easier for users to add or remove IP addresses. Additionally, this tab could be expanded in the future to include more configuration options for Fail2Ban.


Proposed features:

  • Create a dedicated Fail2Ban tab or section on the network page.
  • Provide an interface for managing the Fail2Ban whitelist, including adding and removing IP addresses.
  • Allow users to view their current whitelist and any associated comments or descriptions.
  • Enable search and filtering capabilities for the whitelist.
  • Ensure that changes made through the interface are saved and applied to the Fail2Ban configuration.

Future enhancements:

  • Expand the Fail2Ban tab to include additional configuration options, such as managing jails, actions, and filters.
  • Provide an interface for viewing and managing Fail2Ban logs and statistics.
  • Implement an alert system to notify users of any suspicious activity detected by Fail2Ban.

By adding a Fail2Ban management interface to the network page, users can more easily manage their whitelist and maintain their server's security. This feature would also pave the way for additional Fail2Ban configuration options and monitoring capabilities in the future.

Björn Petersen

Björn Petersen


Ploi should also add their own IPs to the whitelist on install to prevent issues.

My Fail2Ban happened to ban one of the ploi worker ips when I was changing the sshd config, which presented weird errors where removing my change didn't seem to fix the connection problems.

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Fail2ban whitelist configuration

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