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I am trying to create a new backup for my website (statamic) assets, but I'm running into two problems:

1. Backup with symlink is not working.

The assets are in a mounted volume which is symlinked to from the webdirectory, and contains multiple subfolders. The assets folder is /home/ploi/{domain}/public/volume, which is symlinked to /mnt/volume/{domain}/. What I have tried so far for my path to backup:

/home/ploi/{domain}/public/volume → zip is created with actual symlink (only ~250 bytes) instead of content, and uploaded to storage server

/home/ploi/{domain}/public/volume/ → zip is created with content, but not uploaded to the storage server

/mnt/volume/{domain} → error: The path must start with "/home/ploi/{domain}”

2. The local path must start with "/”

The local path (on the storage server) needs to start with a “/” but that doesn’t work.

Whatever I try, I get the following error in the log and the zip is put in the home folder: cd: Access failed: No such file (/ploi-backups/storage/{domain})

For my other back-ups, I have storage/{domain} without the slash in front, which is working but for some reason for the new back-up I can not save without that slash.

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Backup with symlinks and backup local path bug

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