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I found a bug on the gui with ssl certificates. To reproduce:

  • Add a custom external valid certificate.
  • That generates the file on /etc/nginx/ssl/ with the path to the certificate.
  • I do this before migration. Everything works fine.
  • Migration is completed, I want to change to lets encrypt via file, as that is ok now that the dns are pointing here.
  • So I add a lets encrypt ssl. it works and now I have 2 certifcate on the gui.
  • I remove the old one. that remove the file /etc/nginx/ssl/ and breaks the site.

The gui still shows the lets encrypt certificate.

I was expecting the gui to not remove the /etc/nginx/ssl/ file is there is one valid certifcate.

Or to remove the custom automatically from the gui if it has been replaced with the lets encrypt.

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Bug with ssl certificates

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