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Australia and New Zealand doesn't use commas in pricing, we use a space between thousands and millions etc. For example: $23 000.00 or $230 000.00 or $10 000.00 and anything up to $9999.99 has no space.

Older people might still use commas, for example: $300,000.00 and $3,000.00 but it is uncommon.

Some of the prices look a bit strange... is this screenshot $3.00 or $3000.00? I mean we can work it out with a bit of common sense, but this will cause problems with the minority:

Likewise $150,00 is going to blow some peoples minds in this part of the world.

Can regional formatting be applied to pricing? I don't think the decimal place is required to be displayed if a price has .00 cents personally.

Or can the pricing just be omitted completely in the Core settings, and the price pulled from the Stripe product instead? It's redundant to enter a price in Core, and then add a Stripe product and set the same price again... it would be much cleaner to just specify the product price in Stripe and it's passed to Core when you paste/save in the Stripe price ID.

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Regional/International Price Formatting

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