Hamish Palmer

Hamish Palmer


Sometimes I don't want a package to have a yearly price, and sometimes I don't want a monthly price. We need to be able to disable one or the other in the frontend.

My suggestion would be adding another Stripe price API field to the package config, if no key is present then that price option does not display in the frontend. Something like this would display both monthly and yearly pricing:

Doing this would also allow use of the multiple pricing options in Stripe, so a single product could have a monthly and yearly price specified as well:

Hamish Palmer

Hamish Palmer

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Does the monthly/yearly price fields need to be present in Ploi Core package settings?

If we setup pricing in Stripe anyways, it would be a better experience to just paste in the product/price key from Stripe and Ploi Core requests/displays the price from Stripe instead.

It doesn't make much sense to me personally to have to enter the same price in two different platforms.

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Monthly and Yearly Pricing on Packages

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