In administrationPackages: Ability to limit storage per site. eg: "Basic Package: 5 sites - xGB per site"

This will allow us to have better control over our resources and availability for our customers.

Peter Kuipers

Peter Kuipers

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actually when i think about this it would be more convenient to have storage limits per user, So we can say 100 GB for a user and the ability to create 10 Sites.

We cater a lot of users who can create users when we limit on a per site base let say 10 GB and a site is bigger we need to raise the limit for every site in the package. It would be better to limit on a user base, so many sites so many diskspace in total, that way when a site is bigger it doesn't matter and we don't have to reserve a lot of unused space.

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Ivo Pereira
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Storage limiter per site

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