Possibility to set a custom repository / deployment for a site.

When using external deployment tools like or Deploy Chief (full disclosure: this is mine) all sites say "No repository" and show the setup screen when clicking through a site.

It would be awesome if we can setup our own "external repository" or something so it reads "Deployments via Envoyer" for example and maybe a link to the external application so you can quickly manage the external deployment and not have to have every site look like it wasn't setup yet.

I use Ploi for managing my servers and do general maintenance and webserver configuration but deployments are managed externally since I have some more advanced needs and I would be thrilled if Ploi could be a central place from where I can jump around to supporting tools.

I would suggest it might be a good idea to start with an API only feature, which also could give tools like that the oppertunity to set it up for the user. But having a few custom boxes in the UI to enter the deployment tool name and link to the tool would be awesome too.

Anyway, I think that would be a neat addition feel free to reach out if you need any more information!

Custom repository / deployment

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