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I know this won't be a priority but the current list of server providers do not deploy to data centres in New Zealand... I have been waiting literal years for a DigitalOcean or Linode to launch in NZ, the closest we get now is Sydney and Melbourne. DigitalOcean only just launched in Australia a few months ago, I don't believe any of the big companies will ever put down roots in NZ but I hope to be proven wrong someday.

Can we have an additional server provider added to cover NZ. There will not be many with an API, but something like sitehost.nz is well-known in this part of the world and has an API:

Being able to launch NZ servers in Ploi Core would help my specific use case, and maybe a few others. I don't know of any other server providers in NZ that are reasonably priced and easy to spin up, I had hopes a few years ago that the OnApp federated cloud might plug that gap but they have all but disappeared.




We'll take a look at this! Don't be mistaken by the way - you can use any server provider you like already. Just configure them as custom server in Ploi, and then sync them up to your Ploi Core installation.

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Server Provider for New Zealand

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