Return directory struture to normal after disabling "Zero downtime deployment"


Disabling "Zero downtime deployment" currently doesn't revert the directory structure to normal, so you end up with a symlink, a "deploy" directory and 3 copies of your codebase, 2 of which are redundant, and take up disk space.

Manually reverting it requires:
- Deleting the symlink.
- Identifying the release folder.
- Moving the release folder to the site root.
- Renaming the release folder to the site's domain name.
- Deleting the deploy folder.
- Identifying the PHP version for the site.
- Restarting the associated PHP FPM.

It would be ace if just disabling "Zero downtime deployment" could perform this for you, so that it returns to how it was previously as there are several opportunities for a severe slip up when performing the steps manually!


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Status changed to: Planned