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Ploi "marketplace"

What is the marketplace?

The marketplace is a hub where users can post their scripts, currently Ploi supports "deployment scripts" and "NGINX configurations". It would be great if people could share theirs to a central hub within Ploi.

How does it work?

Submitter's perspective

A user can submit a script by going to the marketplace and press "Share script", from here the user will be redirected to the create form. Here will be the option to select the type "Deploy script" or "NGINX configuration". Once selected the user has the possibility to select existing scripts which currently are linked to the user's account.

The user is not required to select an exisiting script. However, selecting an existing script will simply show the contents inside the code editor form field. The user can modify the code editor form field and possibly remove sensitive data (note: edits made here will not be made to the original).

Once satisfied, the user can accept to the TOS and submit their script.


  • Some kind of spam monitoring, or only paying users have access to this marketplace.
  • Users can add tags such as "docker", "nuxt.js", "next.js", "django" to their script so it's easier to find. (note: tags should be moderated or follow the same rules as stated before)

User's perspective

A user can visit the store, search for authors, titles or tags and click on the one they like. Once landed on a script's page they can:

  • Leave a review (with rating)
  • Save it (to their local templates)
  • Fork it (if uploaded has a fork notice)
  • Directly add it to a site

Things to be aware of

What happens if a script author removes their account?

  • Unlink author, keep script?
  • Keep saved local copies of script?
  • Keep forks?

How will self built and saved scripts be distinguished?

  • Have tab with (My scripts) and (Saved scripts)?
  • Add a label?


  • marketplace.ploi.io (for external users, view only)
  • one click install apps (let users create bash scripts which install apps)


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For now we'll mark this as live, future updates or changes can be put into new cards.



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To the ones that want to try, please get in touch with me on DM in Discord with your email address so I can assign you this feature for beta testing!



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