Missing options when adding new queue workers

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Andréas Lundgren

I would like to suggest to see more of the options from the queue:work command in the Ploi UI. Compare the screenshot with the CLI output.

More specifically I'm missing the --backoff and --memory options.

Maybe you could show the most used options like you do today, but have an Advanced fold down menu which exposes all options?

It could maybe even parse the output from the command from the currently installed Laravel version to see which options are supported?

❯ php artisan queue:work --help

# ...

      --name[=NAME]          The name of the worker [default: "default"]
      --queue[=QUEUE]        The names of the queues to work
      --daemon               Run the worker in daemon mode (Deprecated)
      --once                 Only process the next job on the queue
      --stop-when-empty      Stop when the queue is empty
      --delay[=DELAY]        The number of seconds to delay failed jobs (Deprecated) [default: "0"]
      --backoff[=BACKOFF]    The number of seconds to wait before retrying a job that encountered an uncaught exception [default:
      --max-jobs[=MAX-JOBS]  The number of jobs to process before stopping [default: "0"]
      --max-time[=MAX-TIME]  The maximum number of seconds the worker should run [default: "0"]
      --force                Force the worker to run even in maintenance mode
      --memory[=MEMORY]      The memory limit in megabytes [default: "128"]
      --sleep[=SLEEP]        Number of seconds to sleep when no job is available [default: "3"]
      --rest[=REST]          Number of seconds to rest between jobs [default: "0"]
      --timeout[=TIMEOUT]    The number of seconds a child process can run [default: "60"]
      --tries[=TRIES]        Number of times to attempt a job before logging it failed [default: "1"]


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I've added those 2, and will be adding more soon! (We already prepared for this)

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