Don't obfuscate team member email addresses for the owner

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The Team Members page shows the list of team members with their email addresses but the addresses are obfuscated. So we basically see a bunch of addresses like a*z@example.com.

This makes it really difficult to manage the team. Admins (or owners) can invite people to the team and they can remove them. There are usually additional tasks surrounding these actions. It shouldn't be necessary to look up the email address elsewhere.

Privacy is important, so it does make sense that regular team members shouldn't be able to see each other's email addresses. That is, they probably don't need to see even an obfuscated address...

But the admins/owners aren't regular team members. And they need the full address to administer the team and the account. If you look at comparable systems, whether WordPress or Google Workspace or any other organizational tool, admins can pretty much always see that piece of info.


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