Add feature to enable/ disable / size of SWAP Memory

Md. Sazzad Hossain Sharkar

By default, when a new server is added/ created with the plot, it adds 1GB SWAP memory while installing the control panel.

Sometimes 1GB SWAP memory is not sufficient for the selected server, and I had to add another SWAP memory. Some VPS/ Servers RAM is higher than traditional, requiring a 1.5x or standard SWAP memory other than 1GB.

On the other hand, most server providers add pre-setup SWAP memory to the server where additional SWAP memory is not needed. An example can be Hetzner Dedicated Servers. While the server has 64GB of RAM, Hetzner auto adds 32GB of SWAP. In this scenario, adding 1GB is not required. Although, it consumes storage.

I am proposing adding two options while setting up a new server with ploi.

1. It will ask whether this server is needed a SWAP memory or not. (Default, YES)

2. If SWAP Memory needed, what is the size of SWAP Memory


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Status changed to: Planned