Copying website from server to server

Dennis Postma

Tried to copy a website from server A to server B but the files did not get copied during the task.


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Sean Hynes

Does it clone a database at the same time, or that needs to be separate?

Charlie Gaziano

Excited to see this feature come to the panel, it will be important!


Status changed to: In progress

Cristian O. Balan

This is the reason I've upgraded to Pro, "Clone sites to other servers" as advertised on the pricing page and in an old news, ploi.io/news/clone-sites-notification-system-update.
Isn't this possible? I guess this explains why I can't find a clone option anywhere in the UI... :(

André Heeke

What's the status here? The feature would be quite important in my opinion.

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Status changed to: Planned